St. Jude Cloud is a data-sharing resource for the global research community. Explore unique next-generation sequencing data and analysis tools for pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Take a tour of St. Jude Cloud. See examples of how St. Jude Cloud can help speed your research, generate novel insights, and turn handling large datasets into a streamlined and productive experience. Preview new and established analysis tools, immersive visualizations and ways to select and explore data.

About St. Jude Cloud

Secure sharing and collaborative analysis of huge, immobile datasets is essential in our quest to discover cures for pediatric cancer and other rare diseases. St. Jude Cloud is one of the world’s largest repositories of pediatric genomics data and offers a suite of unique analysis tools and visualizations. It was developed by scientists at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in collaboration with technology industry leaders. We invite you to use the platform to explore our data or analyze your own in a secure cloud environment.

  1. Data visualization

    We share whole genome data from more than 700 paired tumor/germline samples for common and rare pediatric cancers, sequenced as part of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital—Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project (PCGP). Data access is simple and fast, without the need for downloading. Submit a simple, one-time request to access raw data. Data can be viewed by disease, by publication, by curated dataset. You can also drill down to specific samples using our PeCan data explorer.

    Access Data

  2. Tools visualization

    Use our unique collection of bioinformatics tools to quickly and privately gain novel insights from next-generation sequencing data. Our end-to-end computational pipelines have been thoroughly validated using real data and are designed for ease of use by both non-specialists and experts alike. Upload your own data, or use the tools to analyze our data in new ways. There is no installation and no waiting in line; simply click “run,” and the Cloud will send you an email when your results are ready. Data and results can be securely shared with collaborators within the platform.

    Run Tools

  3. Visualize results

    Explore your results using innovative, interactive graphics powered by ProteinPaint, the genomic visualization engine developed at St. Jude. Our unique data browser allows frictionless navigation through the genome, including coding and non-coding regions. You can also find study-wide visualizations for data from the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project and other published studies. Many of our tools produce custom visualizations that allow you to rapidly scan through predicted gene fusions, identify gene expression outliers in volcano plots, or apply a combination of other visualizations to your data.

    Visualize Results

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