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Jinghui Zhang, Ph.D. and Les Robison, Ph.D.
Jinghui Zhang, Ph.D. and Les Robison, Ph.D.

Cancer Survivorship

Welcome to the Cancer Survivorship Research Domain

This page is a collection of information about cancer survivorship on St. Jude Cloud. Use this page to browse our cancer survivorship studies, which are the different datasets we offer on St. Jude Cloud, or discover the possibilities of data curation with our list of recommended apps for working with cancer survivorship data. St. Jude Cloud shares high-quality genomic, clinical and patient-reported data from survivors of pediatric cancer. To accelerate the rate of discovery in survivorship research, we provide both raw and curated data for easy browsing, visualizing and analyzing of clinical and genetic data. Get updates and important links on this page to know what St. Jude Cloud is up to next!


Explore cancer-related variables such as diagnosis and treatment, as well as demographic variables, clinical outcomes and secondary cancer diagnoses. Severity-graded chronic health conditions are also included using a modified version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events. Dictionary terms from these categories are arranged hierarchically from general to specific. The structure allows a user to navigate the dictionary tree while viewing patient distributions with user-selected terms. Data can be organized as customizable bar charts or cross-tabulations.

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Cohorts of two large pediatric cancer survivorship studies have been sequenced and released on St. Jude Cloud. Learn about our studies.

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