ProteinPaint is the flagship protein-based visualization tool created at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. You can use it to examine the domains of genes, known isoforms of a given gene, hotspot mutations for single nucleotide variations (SNVs), insertions and deletions (Indels), and structural variations (SVs) in both pediatric and adult cancers, and RNA-seq expression of a given protein in different tumour types.

There are two primary ways you can use ProteinPaint. You can use ProteinPaint to explore mutations our curated pediatric and adult cohorts using PeCan (ex: TP53). If you'd like to create and publish to the community your own visualizations with ProteinPaint, you can do so with the Visualization Community (still in development, available soon!).

Human, hg19Human, hg38Mouse, mm9Mouse, mm10

Fruit fly, dm3 — Fruit fly, dm6Zebra fish, danRer10


  • Explore SNV and Indel mutations from the Pediatric, COSMIC, and ClinVar datasets (learn more).
  • Load custom protein domains and annotations (learn more).
  • Inspect details for a given mutation (learn more)
  • Filtering of mutations based on class and origin (learn more).
  • Stratifying mutations based on cancer subtype (learn more).
  • Visualize your own SNV and Indel mutations (learn more).
  • Saving figures and exporting data (learn more).
  • Explore gene fusions (learn more).
  • Explore gene expression data including "rope graph", boxplots, and sunburst charts (learn more).
  • Embed ProteinPaint on your website (learn more).
  • Make a study view (learn more).
  • Loading tab-delimited text files of mutations (learn more).

Supported Data Formats