St. Jude Cloud Genomics Platform

Genomics Platform is an app that allows you to browse, request, host, and analyze raw next-generation sequencing data. This app is a collaboration between St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Microsoft Azure, and DNAnexus.

We provide high quality next generation Whole Genome (WGS), Whole Exome (WES), and RNA-Seq data to researchers around the world. There is a request process to protect this data even though it is de-identified. One of the benefits of partnering with DNAnexus is that users can not only access our data, but also upload their own. Click here to learn how.

Our homepage offers our most popular actions, including visiting our data browser, accessing our analysis workflows, or managing your current access through your dashboard. Browsing our data and workflows is free and does not require an account. If you would like to access the data or workflows, you will have to make a free account so that you can access them through your dashboard. Once approved for access to our data or workflows, you will not be charged for any associated storage fees. See here how to request data and our process for approval.