Getting started

Please complete the following check-list to get started with using St. Jude Cloud.

  • If applicable, apply for Discovery Sponsorship Program (link).
  • Join St. Jude Cloud helpdesk channel on Slack (link).
  • Log in to your St. Jude Cloud account (link).
  • Enable Microsoft Azure (link).
  • Create your first project (link).
  • Set up your billing account (link).

Apply for Discovery Sponsorship Program

Please see the Discovery Sponsorship Program (DSP) section in the figure below for an overview of program benefits. Applying for the program is easy - just fill out the application form and submit it to The last day to apply is April 9th.

COVID-19 Programs

Joining Slack

The St. Jude Cloud team uses Slack to communicate on a day-to-day basis. When standing up a help desk, we decided to offer that functionality on Slack to allow our community to answer questions alongside our team. If you are an employee at SJCRH, you already have a Slack account (at no cost to you) — you might even like it so much, you decide to use it during this work from home period!

If you have any issues with the instructions below, you can email or


  1. Navigate to, click "Sign in with your St. Jude Account", and enter your St. Jude credentials. Congrats! You're now on Slack.
  2. Download the desktop app by visiting The instructions differ depending on whether you are on a Windows/Mac/Linux machine. Once you install and start up the app, the sign-in process should look the same as step 1.
  3. To join the #stjudecloud-helpdesk channel, you can click the word "Channels" in the left sidebar and search for #stjudecloud-helpdesk. If you have issues, please see the official Slack guide on joining a channel.

You should now see a screen similar to the one included below. You can type your questions into the chat box at the bottom. See you there!

Slack Helpdesk Channel

Login to St. Jude Cloud

Signing in to St. Jude Cloud is similarly easy — if you have a SJCRH account, you already have a St. Jude Cloud account.


  1. Visit, log in with your St. Jude credentials, and fill in the basic profile page to your satisfaction if prompted. Congrats! You're now logged in to St. Jude Cloud.

This should be sufficient for the purposes of this guide. For more detailed information, see our standard guide on accounts and billing.


As you navigate around St. Jude Cloud, you can click the DNAnexus logo in the top left to go back to the home screen at any time.

Enable Microsoft Azure


  1. Change your preferences to pull cloud resources from Microsoft Azure instead of Amazon AWS by default. To do this, (i) click on your profile in the top right corner, (ii) select "My Profile", and (iii) ensure "Azure US (West)" is checked. See the pictures below for more detail.

Step 1: Click "My Profile" Step 2: Set default billing region

Create your First Project


  1. Select "New Project" in the upper left part of the screen, fill in the form as instructed in the image below, and click "Create Project". You should be redirected to your first DNAnexus project.
  2. We highly recommend you read through DNAnexus's dedicated guide to learn about projects: how you can navigate them, how you can share them with collaborators, and how they are billed.

Step 1: Create a project

Set Up your Billing Account

Billing is handled in St. Jude Cloud by creating and managing a DNAnexus billing organization (or "org"). Each project in DNAnexus is associated with a single org (you had to specify one when you created a project in the last step), and all compute and storage costs are billed to that org. By default, each new user on St. Jude Cloud gets a billing org called user-[username] with $50 of trial credit. You can view the billing orgs available to your account here.


We intend to prioritize funds for Discovery Sponsorship Program participants. However, there is the potential for left-over funds to be available. If you are a lab that would like to use the cloud but do not have funds available, please let us know at


  1. If your lab has been accepted into the Discovery Sponsorship Program, we will create an organization for you to bill your project against. If we have not already, we will be in contact with you shortly concerning this information.
  2. Otherwise, your lab will need to set up a billing org for itself. Please see our Account and Billing sections below.

    Billing for St. Jude Employees

    Billing for Non-St. Jude Employees